2 Yoga Techniques Everyone Should Take to Work This Year

Posted by Allison Carpenter on Jan 26, 2017 7:52:10 AM

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yoga techniques everyone should take to work this year 

No matter what job you have, I am sure you can agree with me that work is stressful. Deadlines, projects, meetings, and the more than occasional late night are common denominators for all of us. As jobs become increasingly time consuming and mentally demanding, finding ways to alleviate stress throughout the work day is critical to our stability and well-being.


For me, my success in the workplace is not just about how I de-stress during my time off, but even more so it’s about how I mitigate situational, job-related stress throughout the work day...


Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 8.11.50 PM.pngAnd let's be real, not all of us have massage chairs at work... 


I picked up yoga a couple of years ago in an effort to ease my way back into working out. While I’ve been practicing yoga for over two years now, it wasn’t until about three months ago that I started bringing the techniques and skills I’ve learned during yoga class into my daily work life routine.


Whether you or not you practice yoga, these are two yoga techniques everyone should take to work this year:


1. Focused Breath

When to use it:

When I get a wave of anxiety or stress during the workday, I can let it consume me. I start to panic about just how panicked I am. Instead of devoting energy to rectifying the situation, I obsess over the current hyper-anxious situational state I am in, wondering how I will ever return to a calm enough place to get my work done.


Yogi solution:

Instead of going down a rabbit hole in a moment of panic, take even one minute to shut your laptop, flip your cell phone over and look at a fixed object. If you aren’t in a space where you feel comfortable closing your eyes, even a spot on a blank wall in your office will do the trick.




Begin breathing at a controlled, steady pace. Slowly breathe in through your nose for a count of four seconds (or until your lungs are at a comfortable capacity), and then slowly exhale out through your mouth for a count of four seconds (or until your lungs are emptied). Repeat until you feel your heart rate slow down, then return to work.


2. Power Poses

When to use it:

About to have a meeting with your boss or lead a presentation? Feeling a sense of dread wash over you? Sounds like you need a bit of a confidence boost!


Yogi solution:

Instead of counting down the minutes until your stressful situation is over, right the ship before it sets sail! According to Ted Talk speaker, Amy Cuddy, there is science-backed evidence that certain “power poses” will give you the confidence you need to ace an interview, crush a meeting, or light up a conference room. In her Ted Talk, Cuddly tells the audience that “power poses,” poses that take up a good deal of physical space and expose your chest, can significantly increase self-confidence.



Try mountain pose or tree pose. Can’t quite get up in your office without everyone wondering what you are doing? Even leaning back in your office chair with your hands behind your neck, chest towards the ceiling, can pay off dividends.


In Closing...

Do you like the way these sound and eager to try more yoga techniques outside of work? Check out this blog post by our COO, Nate Andorsky, to read up on meditation. Have other ways that you decompress at work? Share them below or tweet at us @creativesci