Allison Carpenter

Allison Carpenter
Allison took the role of Digital Marketing Manager at Creative Science Labs to pursue her passion of marketing. She's proud to work for a group of driven individuals whose mission it is to serve those who work in the social good space by designing and developing powerful digital experiences for them. If you want to geek out with Allison about marketing's latest trends and technology, email her at
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The Behavioral Economics and Design Behind All Successful Fundraising Campaigns


Today, behavioral economics is more than just a hip buzzword. Instead, it’s an essential school of thought, vital to all industries, and especially to those in the nonprofit world.

Because the tenants of behavioral economics have such a significant impact on how, why, and when people give, incorporating it into your website, donation structure, and fundraising campaigns is essential. The intersection of behavioral economics and design is where successful audience outreach lives. 

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An Introduction to Behavioral Economics: What It Is and Why Your NPO Should Care


If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of it, behavioral economics can seem like a complicated field.

Fortunately, the reality is that behavioral economics is much more straightforward than it may seem. Beyond that, it’s essential for your nonprofit to understand. By understanding behavioral economics (and its impact on your supporters), you can create a more efficient NPO and boost your fundraising efforts as we move into the new year.

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Marketing to Millennials: How to Make Your Mission Irresistible


It’s a new year, and your marketing team is probably working hard to create a donation strategy to carry you through 2018. If this is true, there’s one group you can’t afford to overlook in the process: millennials.

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5 "Must-Haves" for Your Nonprofit's Social Media Strategy


Social media is a powerful tool for attracting online visitors to your mission and inspiring them to support your cause. Unfortunately, due to time and staff bandwidth restraints, most nonprofits have yet to harness the positive outcomes that social media can contribute to their organization’s goals.
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Integrate Video into Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy


As Creative Science Labs’ Digital Marketing Manager, it’s my job to keep our clients’ marketing efforts focused on strategies that actually pay off for them. Our clients are always grinding away to promote their mission and see it succeed. Therefore, when it comes to marketing and spreading the word or inspiring audiences to contribute to their cause, there’s no room to dilly-dally.

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Which CMS Should My Organization Use?



“Which CMS should my organization use?” is a question we receive a lot from our clients. A content management system (CMS), not to be confused with a
customer relationship management (CRM), is a software application that is used to manage and store digital content. Just as we said in our article on how to pick the right CRM for your organization, there is not one CMS that fits exactly everyone’s needs.
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