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Posted by Allison Carpenter on Nov 4, 2016 10:53:43 AM
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We the People...” What does this phrase mean to you?


It’s the beginning of our constitution, of course! A document written by our Founding Fathers to outline what our Nation was to be, was to stand for, and how we would operate. This document articulated the idea that the leaders of our nation would work together, in cooperation and compromise with one another, to “form a more perfect Union” for the greater good of its citizens.


Yesterday I went to a thought-provoking event called We The People hosted by The Atlantic's Steve Clemons. The hour-long event was a dialogue between Steve and actress and activist Kathleen Turner, focused around the idea of Civitas.

 contribute to the greater good


Who can reflect back to their studies of Ancient Rome in school to remember what the notion of Civitas means? Civitas is the social contract binding all citizens together into a democracy. It emphasizes the necessary willingness that the citizens must have in order to achieve the greater good.


At a time when America seems like it could not be more divided and the ancient idea of Civitas seems to be more of a distant memory, this discussion could not have been more timely.


Reflecting on that sentiment, Steve asked Kathleen, “You’ve been trying to channel the soul of this country... What do think is going on in the country?” Kathleen replied, “I believe that Americans are inherently good and that we will do the right thing. I really do believe that.” Her reply was the exact optimistic outlook that I needed to hear, that I think we all need to hear.


As we all have an election only four days away now, many are fearful for what will come of our nation. Who will lead it? Where will they take us? How will it affect the citizens of this country?


What we need to be reminded of is the sort of optimism and empowerment that Kathleen reminded me of yesterday. Americans are inherently good and will do the right thing.


With that, it is time that we all take responsibility for the future of this country and work to support the good of the citizens that we share it with. It is time that unconventional leaders rise up out of the populace to help promote a return to us all working together to achieve the greater good. You do not have to wait for your Congressman to finally speak up about a pressing issue, or a bill to get passed. You can get out there and contribute to the greater good.


At Creative Science Labs we work with people who are working towards the greater good every day. It’s a privilege to work with teams and organizations that aren’t waiting for the change they want to see happen in the world. They are making it happen.




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