Start With Why: Effective Organizational Messaging



On Monday I sat in a meeting with a team member and we talked about how our blog was performing. We pondered if the content topics were interesting enough, if the posts were getting enough traction, we even wondered if we might need to change our content strategy all together. 
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Collect and Connect the Dots



As each day passes, there’s an increased need to find solutions for the many problems we face, both big and small. In that search, it’s common to first look at what relevant experiences you have and try to “connect the dots” between them to sketch out a concept for what might work. But I think there’s another important step, one that would enable you to draw a more refined vision for success from learnings or resources from your connections and networks. It’s why of late, I make a conscious effort to “collect the dots” before I connect them .
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3 Business Lessons I Learned While Marathon Training


According to Greek legend, the first man to run a “marathon,” Pheidippides, dropped dead after he finished his 26.2-mile trot to tell the people of Athens of the victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. So why would anyone want to take on this endeavor voluntarily ? For some people, it’s about the physical challenge. For some, it’s about maintaining a fitness plan. For me, it was about learning what I am capable of and what it takes to achieve success.
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