Integrate Video into Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy


As Creative Science Labs’ Digital Marketing Manager, it’s my job to keep our clients’ marketing efforts focused on strategies that actually pay off for them. Our clients are always grinding away to promote their mission and see it succeed. Therefore, when it comes to marketing and spreading the word or inspiring audiences to contribute to their cause, there’s no room to dilly-dally.

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2 Yoga Techniques Everyone Should Take to Work This Year


No matter what job you have, I am sure you can agree with me that work is stressful. Deadlines, projects, meetings, and the more than occasional late night are common denominators for all of us. As jobs become increasingly time consuming and mentally demanding, finding ways to alleviate stress throughout the work day is critical to our stability and well-being.

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5 Time Management Tips for Being Efficient in the New Year


As Creative Science Labs’ lead project manager, I am constantly looking for ways to be more productive, more efficient, and better at managing my time. Countless times I have said, “...if only there were a few more hours in the day,” but I have found that with proper preparation and an adaptable mindset, you can create those hours you’re missing.

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